Welcome to BayShore!

BayShore School and Educational was created in 1992 to fill the need for a private K-12 independent study program (ISP) that would accept California homeschooling families of all faiths, races, ethnicities, lifestyles, and edu-political philosophies.

BayShore School’s philosophy is to empower each family so that they may develop the best approach by which to nurture their children’s education. We do not require, nor do we provide, a specific curriculum. Rather, our role is to assist families in their quest to meet the individual needs of each child, while staying within the parameters set forth by the California Education Code.

BayShore School offers resources, guidance, and encouragement to its enrolled families. We do not offer a program for those who need detailed lesson plans  or daily supervision. Enrollment with BayShore School requires self-motivation, the desire to release rigid notions about learning and children, and a sense of humour.

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