After nearly 30 years of operating BayShore School, a private school independent study program (ISP), I decided it was time to retire at the end of the 2020-2021 academic year. However, I have not completely stopped working with homeschooling families – specifically, those with special needs children. Additionally, as a woman of color, I have a special interest in BIPOC communities (my undergraduate and graduate research speciality was educating children of color, and the development of racism).

So, even though I’m retired from full-time work, I am available for consultant work for homeschooling parents — everything from determining the best homeschooling setting/program to developing learning resources to just “being there” to talk through difficult days. 

My rates are reasonable, and I have the experience of having homeschooled my own Asperger’s son, and worked as a counselor/psychotherapist for both children and adults. You can read more about my experiences here on the “About” webpage, or contact me here.

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