For Families Looking for School Alternatives During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Since so many families are contacting us looking for information about alternatives since traditional schooling is most likely not going to return in the fall, we thought we’d put together a brief overview of our educational program. BayShore School is a private school (filing the R-4 affidavit each fall) that offers an independent study program (ISP), or homeschooling.  We have been serving California families since 1992.

We are not a traditional bricks-and-mortar school that operates Mondays through Fridays.  Instead, BayShore offers a flexible program with minimal paperwork for parents who wish to homeschool their children.  We enroll students in grades 1 – 12, however we will accept kindergarteners who have been enrolled in public school kindergarten, as well as those who have IEPs through early childhood public programs. 

A few points about BayShore School:

  • BayShore School does not provide curriculum; parents are free to choose whatever learning materials that best suits the needs of their children;
  • There are no required meetings or classes for students or parent teachers;
  • Attendance is submitted monthly by email (we send a notice);
  • Two semester reports are required; one for the fall and spring semesters each.

BayShore is essentially a private school that offers legal enrollment for those who wish to homeschool their children.  Assistance is available for enrolled families who seek information about locating learning materials, state requirements, and other similar matters related to education.

Our academic year runs from August 1 through June 30, however, enrolled families are free to choose their dates provided they reach the state-required 180 days of attendance.  Enrollment begins on the date indicated on the confirmation email;  generally a student could be enrolled within a few days. Tuition is $300.00/year per family, payable through PayPay.

You can begin the enrollment process by completing the online form.

There is a “Frequently Asked Questions” page on the BayShore website that covers every aspect of our program – please look it over if you haven’t already done so.  However, if you have any questions about homeschooling, or the BayShore School program in particular, please do not hesitate to ask!

Looking for Other Homeschooling Options?

Visit the Homeschooling Basics page on this website for an overview of the various ways to legally homeschool in California, along with some resources to get you started. Also, visit the Resources section.

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