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Enrollment Information

Q: Is BayShore School county or area specific?

A: BayShore School only enrolls new students who reside in southern California counties (L.A., OC, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Kern, Ventura, Imperial, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara).  BayShore School may enroll families from outside of southern California depending on circumstances; please contact us to express your interest.

Q: What are the ages/grades of program?

A: Grades 1 – 12 (since kindergarten is not required by the CA education code). However, BayShore will enroll kindergartners under certain conditions (i.e. child had been enrolled in public school and parents want to remove him/her without fear of truancy; also children who have been enrolled in early childhood special education programs with public schools and who now want to transition into homeschooling; etc.).

Q: Is there a Statement of Faith or Religious affiliation?

A: None required. BayShore School (BSS) is inclusive and nonsectarian – all faiths Buddhism, Islam, Jewish, Pagans, Wiccans, Christian, agnostics, as well as those who hold no religious beliefs, are all welcome.

Q: Is BayShore School a charter program?

A: No, it is not. BayShore School is a private school that provides an independent study program to parents who wish to homeschool their own children. There is a charter program in San Diego County that also bears the name “Bayshore,” but the two are in no way affiliated with one another.

Q: Do you file the PSA (R-4)?

A: Yes, every October before the 15th. The California Education Code requires that all private schools file the private school affidavit (R-4) each year. However, BayShore continues to enroll students after October 15, provided that openings remain.

Q: I heard from my local homeschooling support group that private schools offering an independent study program are not legal in California?

A: The Second District Court of Appeal ruled on August 8, 2008 that California parents are not required to hold teaching credentials in order to legally homeschool their children.

Q: Why the change in the term, “private school independent study program?” Is this something I should worry about when enrolling in one?

A: A group of homeschooling advocates felt that “private school ISP” was confusing to California Department of Education (CDE) officials during the oral arguments before the Second District Court of Appeal. As a result these organizations, the California Homeschool Network (CHN), working in cooperation with CHEA, HSC, HSLDA and Private and Home Educators of California, issued a statement recommending that private school independent study programs discontinue using that term in favor of “private school satellite program” (PSP). BayShore School has opted not to follow this practice and has continued to use the term, “private school ISP.” Other terms used to describe these kinds of programs, include “cover school,” and “umbrella program.” There is currently no CDE sanctioned terminology for this type of program; however if the CDE does ever provide an official designation, BayShore School will adopt that terminology to comply with the California education code. Read the online article, Homeschooling Through a Private ISP.

Q: How quickly can I enroll my child?

A: When enrollment is open, the process usually takes two to three working days. After May 1, enrollment is no longer accepted for the current academic year. Consideration for late enrollment may be made for those who enroll in the upcoming school year – it is at the discretion of the BayShore director, and is subject to tuition fees for the last two months, plus the upcoming year’s tuition (nonrefundable). Contact BayShore for enrollment availability.

Q: How do I enroll my child(ren) in BayShore School?

A: Complete the online interest form here. Within seven (7) working days of receiving your information, you will be contacted with further details to complete the enrollment process, or if BayShore School cannot meet your needs, with referrals to other programs or resources.

Q: Why does the request for enrollment materials ask such personal questions about whether a family is on government assistance, or if a student has been arrested or the parents going through a divorce?

A: I realize that these questions seem invasive, but I need to know how to gauge my workload. In the case of families receiving assistance, many governmental agencies will request or require documentation from the child’s school about their attendance, etc. In many cases, the paperwork can be quite lengthy. In other instances, the agencies want more oversight from the school than a semester report twice a year. If a family needs more oversight, I will work with them and the agency to accomplish that (with an eye toward not being invasive, but still within the governmental request); if I am going to be required to complete a considerable amount of paperwork, I would like to be prepared beforehand since agencies tend to send it out and request its completion “yesterday.” ….So, I am truly not interested in being a “snoop” into individual lives, but if I am going to be asked to provide something above and beyond the “basics” of enrollment, I would like to know at the time of enrollment. The same goes for custody disputes, probation hearings and other outside contacts that may need to be satisfied. I do not share such information with anyone without an enrolled family’s permission.

Accreditation & Credentials

Q: Is BayShore School an accredited private school?

A: BayShore School is not accredited.

Q: If BayShore is not accredited, will my child have difficulty enrolling in another public/private school or in gaining admission to college?

A: BayShore School’s lack of accreditation has not prevented any previously enrolled student from returning to public or private school nor has it impacted anyone’s ability to attend college. Any problems encountered when attempting to enroll a child back into a traditional school setting are usually due to individual school or district decisions not to accept credits from a private school (accredited or not). Colleges do not seem to care one way or another whether students attended an accredited school – most seem to make their decisions based on SAT scores, the personal statement submitted by the student, letters of reference, and academic grades.

Q: Does BayShore School provide a credentialed teacher to oversee my child’s school work?

A: No. BayShore School is a resource and clearinghouse for parents wishing to instruct their children at home. BayShore does not provide instruction or tutoring. The director of BayShore School, Lenore Colacion Hayes possesses an M.S. in community/clinical psychology with an emphasis in educational psychology. She has worked as a counselor in a public elementary school, as well as at the university level with learning disabled students. However, she will not be the one teaching your children – she is the administrator of the private school independent study program. The parent holds the responsibility for the actual act of teaching children. However, BayShore School can put you in touch with a credentialed teacher with whom you could contract for services.

Q: Do I need to be a credentialed teacher to educate my own child?

A: No, you do not. The California Education Code states that teachers in private schools must be “capable of teaching.” A California teaching credential is not a requirement of “capable.”

Tuition & Other Costs

Q: How much is tuition?

A: The tuition cost is currently $300.00/family per school year (2020-2021 academic year). This includes children from the same family residing within the same home. Subsequent renewal fees are discounted for families who remain enrolled.

Q: Can I make payments for my child’s tuition?

A: No. Unfortunately, BayShore School no longer offers payment plans (it was abused too frequently). However, you can pay by credit card through PayPal.com.

Q: Are there any additional fees that haven’t already been discussed?

A: Additional fees will be incurred for the following:

– $30.00/per student per form per student requests processing of entertainment work permit paperwork

– $30.00/per student per semester for community college concurrent enrollment;

– $50.00/per student for graduation fee (due when enrolling for the 12th grade)

– $25.00/per check service charge for checks/credits that are returned from the bank for insufficient funds, or other nonpayment

– $50.00/transcript development per semester (BayShore School does not create transcripts unless requested)

– $50.00/hour for consultations (in person) with enrolled families over the 60-minute monthly allotment;

– $50.00/hour for consultations (in person or by phone) for non-enrolled families. This will be applied toward tuition cost if family enrolls;

– $50.00/hour to complete additional paperwork. This would include (but not limited to): recommendation forms, probation, parole, custody reports, government assistance; etc.

Q: I’m enrolling my child later in the year – does BayShore prorate its tuition costs?

A: Yes, we do offer prorated tuition for those enrolling after October. Check the fee schedule for more details.

Q: There’s only a few months left in the school year, why doesn’t BayShore continue to lower the tuition costs after December?

A: Unfortunately, the few years that we followed this practice, many more families enrolled and then enrolled their children elsewhere a few months later. This required a lot of paperwork – requesting records and cost – sending them out again. Rather, we have opted to offer families a greatly reduced renewal fee when they enroll their children again the next fall.

Q: Does BayShore require HSLDA membership?

A: No.


Q: Does BayShore provide or offer curriculum?

A: No, we do not.

Q: Is curriculum support available?

A: Of course!  BayShore School will assist families in determining the most appropriate learning materials for each child enrolled.  This may include discussions related to the styles of approaching academics; suggestions of books, or publishers for specific subjects; outlets where materials can be purchased and/or borrowed.  BayShore School does not provide step-by-step lesson plans.

Q: Is the Course of Study provided by ISP or parent?

A: Each year the parent/teacher provides BayShore with an annual course of study contract detailing what each child hopes to accomplish academically.

Contacting BayShore School

Q: I’d like to talk with someone from BayShore School, but I can’t find your phone number anywhere on the website- what is it?

A: As much as I enjoy talking about homeschooling, I simply do not have the time to talk to all who contact me. On an average day I receive between five and ten inquiries either about homeschooling in general or about enrolling in the BayShore School program. These numbers increase during the not-back-to-school crush (late August through early October).

The easiest way to connect with me is by email. Please include any questions, age of your child along with any additional information specific to the situation you want me to address. Also include your phone number in case I cannot address your query by email. As a rule, I am unable to call or meet with prospective homeschoolers unless they are either already enrolled in BayShore School, or are interested in doing so. In the case of the latter group, there is a $50.00/hour consultation fee (nonrefundable and payable in advance). This will be applied toward the tuition cost if the family enrolls within 30 days.

Q: Can I come by the BayShore School office to enroll my child in person?

A: At the present time, BayShore School is operated out of my home (which is currently in the process of being remodeled). Therefore, the short answer is “no.”


Q: How often are attendance forms due?

A: Once a month. Enrolled families will receive an attendance request from me via email once a month. Parents simply respond with the number of days present. This information is collected at BSS and at the end of the year, the data is printed and placed in each child’s cumulative folder.

Q: Additional record keeping required?

A: Semester reports are due twice a year after the fall and spring semesters (summer is optional). These are lists and/or narrative descriptions of what the child has covered over the past semester. Samples are provided to new families after enrollment.

Q: Do you issue report cards? Who completes them? On what grading system?

A: BayShore School does not issue report cards as a general practice. School philosophy is that grades are an unnecessary aspect of learning, especially in the elementary-middle school years. Additionally, transcripts are not maintained unless requested.

Q: Is standardized testing available? Which test? Optional or required?

A: Standardized testing is not required by BSS. However, such tests can be administered should the parent request. There is an additional cost to administer standardized tests.

Q: Frequency and time duration of evaluator meetings? Where are meetings held?

A: BayShore School does not require such meetings. However, meetings may be scheduled by enrolled families at anytime at a location to be determined.

Teens & Graduation

Q: How can my high school student graduate from homeschooling?

A: BayShore School will not be offering a high school diploma during the 2018-2019 academic year; it is hoped that this option will be reinstated again in future years. Most homeschoolers (enrolled with BayShore or elsewhere) opt to take the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) which is offered twice a year by the state of CA at various locations.

Q: Is it possible for my teen to take classes at a community college?

A: Yes, many homeschooled teens do take classes at local community colleges. They are able to do this by obtaining a concurrent enrollment form from the local college, complete it, and send it to BayShore School for the director’s signature. Generally students cannot take more than eight (8) units concurrently with their high school studies and it is recommended that they start with courses of interest, rather than academics. Many teens will eventually pursue academics and many have enough credits to transfer to a four-year university at an earlier age than their traditionally schooled counterparts. This is not to say that every homeschooled teen should strive to follow this approach, but if a teen is serious about a certain subject area, they certainly won’t be held back as they would in a traditional school setting.

Q: How can my homeschooled teen gain admission to a UC school?

A: It is extremely difficult for anyone to gain admission to a UC school as a freshman. As has been detailed in the press over the past few months, students who attend highly regarded high schools have been denied or postponed admission to the UC campuses because of the dire situation of the state’s budget. The easiest path to UC is by spending two years at a community college and transferring in as a junior. Also, consider four-year private colleges and universities since many welcome homeschoolers with open arms. The best advice for any student interested in attending a four-year college (without first attending a community college) is to prepare for and score high on the SAT tests. Also, it couldn’t hurt to start writing your personal statement and lining up letters of recommendation.

Special Education

Q: Does BayShore School provide services for special education children?

A: BayShore School does not provide any special education (SPED) services for children, however, we will assist you with locating affordable services and developing appropriate learning materials for your child’s unique needs.

Q: I have a special needs child with an IEP, if I enroll with BayShore School can I still use the public school special education services?

A: The Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA) specifically states that children whose parents place them in a private school are not eligible for full special education services. However, these students can still receive periodic assessments and in some very rare cases, schools have offered services. For more information on homeschooling special education, please visit BayShore’s Special Needs website.

Q: Does BayShore School provide advocacy services for special education children not enrolled in the BSS program?

A: No, we do not.


Q: How many staff members work with BayShore School?

A: BayShore School is a one-person (and one cat) operation.

Q: Does BayShore offer any of the following events/activities? Field trips, science fair, spelling bee, speech meet, geography bee, park days, classes, sports, photo day?

A: We do not arrange/organize such events. Families are encouraged to connect with local support groups for these types of activities.

Q: Do enrolled families need to assist the school with fundraising?

A: There is no fundraising involved.

Q: My child is in the entertainment business, can I enroll and have his/her entertainment permit signed at the same time?

A: While BayShore School does accommodate children in the entertainment business, we are unable to sign the academic/health/attendance release at the same time as initial enrollment. That form requires the enrolling school to attest to satisfactory progress in these areas and that is not something that can be done as a new student. We are only able to sign the entertainment permit form once the student has been enrolled with BayShore and we have either received transcripts from the child’s previous school and/or the required attendance and academic reports required with BayShore.

Q: I understand that BayShore offers services for home educators, but is it possible for someone from BayShore to homeschool my child for me?

A: No, this is not a service that is offered by BayShore. Parents are responsible for educating their own (enrolled) children under the guidance of BayShore School.

Q: Can I have duo enrollment with both BayShore School and a charter program? Or enroll with BayShore School and file my own private school affidavit (PSA/R-4)?

A: No, enrollment can only be in one program (including filing one’s own R-4) at a time.


Still have additional questions not addressed in this FAQ? Contact us!

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