Speech Therapy Article

Before You Read the Speech Therapy Article …

I wrote this article a number of years ago when my Asperger’s Syndrome son was a very young child (he’s an adult now). It has been especially unfortunate that a number of speech therapists have illustrated their own lack of professionalism by sending me emails laced with an assortment of perjorative names and profanity.  While I can appreciate the positions of those who disagree with my personal opinion – it is just that – my opinion based on my experience. 

I have grown rather weary of receiving such condescending communications telling me that I am an uninformed moron.  I am not ignorant in regard to the medical and mental health professions – I hold a master of science degree in community clinical psychology with almost enough coursework for an additional master’s degree in educational psychology. I was a National Hispanic Scholarship recipient while in grad school;  in other words, my brain is fully functional.

However, I have to admit that there’s something humorous about a professional trashing a parent for expressing a disparaging opinion about the loutishness she (the parent) experienced with that particular profession.  It rather illustrates my point in the article.

I do realize that, like all professional fields, there are a number of excellent and caring practitioners. I’ve been fortunate to have heard from many of these professionals and I thank you for your kind words and commitment to improving the lives of others.  Truly, I wish that I would have found you when we needed a real professional years ago.  If we had, this article probably would never have been written.  Let me say that my article is not intended to eschew all professional services for those children who have communicative disorders.  Quite the opposite, as I believe in early intervention when it is warranted.  As with any course of treatment, families should thoroughly research their options and make decisions based on what is best for their individual needs.

So, if you are a speech therapist, and have difficulty reading screeds that are less-than-flattering about your profession, or if you just cannot help yourself when reading a differing opinion and simply must launch a verbal volley of insults to set the record straight … please stop reading right now!  Go get a glass of wine, or listen to a Yanni CD, or do whatever it is you do to calm yourself.  Understand that the only “truth” in this article is my own – it is what my son and I experienced over 20 years ago, and no amount of name-calling is going to change our past.

Thank you.

Lenore Colación Hayes, M.S.

p.s.  Any disrespectful emails sent to me will be uploaded to the fan mail website – your name and email address, and possibly, headers – will be included.  Please think before you hit “send.”

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