Homeschooling the Special Needs Child: Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the Child with Learning Differences

Years ago, I wrote a book on homeschooling special needs children that was published by Random House (through its Prima Publishing Imprint). The book is no longer in print (originally published in 2002), and quite honestly, I disliked the title that the publisher insisted upon (“put ADHD in the title, that’s hot right now, it’ll sell!”). So I am putting it on my website, with a title that is more appropriate. Give me some time to upload the whole book, though.

“A wonderful book laced with insights and strength of spirit.”

John Taylor Gatto,
author of Dumbing Us Down and The Underground History of American Education

“Lenore C. Hayes holds the reader’s hand through determining whether symptoms actually constitute a disorder or are simply a normal childhood trait, right on through negotiating with medical and educational bureaucracies (this advice alone may be worth the price of the book!). A valuable addition to the homeschool bookshelf, highly recommended for anyone homeschooling a child with special needs.”

Helen Hegener
Senior Editor,
Home Education Magazine


• Introduction
1: What’s Wrong with My Child?
2: Your Child’s Diagnosis
3: But I’m Not a Special Education Teacher!
4: Removing Your Child from School
5: Working with Your Unique Child
6: Family and Friends
7: Addressing Family and Individual Needs
8: Homeschooling Support for You and Your Child
9: Learning Materials
10: Homeschoolers and School-Provided Special needs Programs
11: Homeschool-Friendly Services for Your Child
12: Final Encouragements

“I highly recommend Lenore Hayes’ book to any parents considering the homeschooling option.”

Thom Hartmann, Ph.D.,
author, ADD: A Different Perception

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