Records of Previous Students

Please do not call to request your children’s records. BayShore School also does not receive or send faxes of transcripts or other official paperwork – please advise your new school of this. All requests should be mailed to:

BayShore School
P.O.. Box 13038
Long Beach, CA 90803

Records sent to a new school will include whatever was forwarded to BayShore from the child’s previous school, along with semester reports and attendance for the time enrolled with BayShore School.  If you did not submit reports, a notation to that effect will be included in the child’s cumulative folder.

About Transcripts …

Please be advised that BayShore School does not automatically generate transcripts for its enrolled students unless specifically requested by the parents while the child is still actively enrolled.

BayShore School is an alternative private school; as a result, many practices found in more traditional educational settings are not followed here. One of these differences is that letter grades are not assigned to student work. Additionally, transcripts are not automatically generated for students.  Many students have found that neither are needed to successfully progress to their becoming a contributing member of society.

BayShore School students do not receive letter grades, unless specifically requested by parents, and only for students enrolled in the high school grades (9-12).  Enrolled families submit semester reports twice a year, and those become part of each student’s cumulative file.  Those who eventually decide to transfer to more traditional school settings often require traditional transcripts, in addition to, or in lieu of the narrative semester reports.  Transferring these reports to transcripts is an additional service that is not included in the basic tuition costs.  Contact BayShore for additional information.

To go back to create transcripts after a child is no longer enrolled, would be to falsify records – something BayShore School will not do. Please do not ask.

Leaving BayShore School?

We are sorry to see you go … we wish you much success with your new choices!

A few simple guidelines to make the process go smoothly:

If you are filing your own R-4 PSA, your child(ren)’s cumulative file(s) will be forwarded to you only after you have submitted a records request from your new school (sample below). This must be submitted by USPS. Requests received via telephone, voice mail, fax, email, or in-person will not be acknowledged. No exceptions.

If you are enrolling your child(ren) in a new school/private ISP/charter program/private school, all requests for record transfers must be submitted by USPS. Requests for records received during the “busy season” (August through early October) will take at least one month to transfer the records to the new school. I apologize for this delay, but BayShore School is operated by one person.  If you are intending to move to a different program, please plan ahead!

If you are leaving the state, but plan to continue homeschooling, check your new state’s homeschooling laws, and notify BayShore School of the change.  Student records will be processed accordingly.  Not sure where you’ll be settling?  You can request your child’s records be forwarded to you.

Transfer Charges

There is no charge to forward records to new schools, unless your child has an especially large cumulative file.

If your students’ files weigh more than 12 oz. a trip to the post office will be necessary.  As a result, BayShore School has adopted the following policy to offset the costs associated with mailing large quantities of records (generally those who have been enrolled in public school special education programs):

Any student who transfers out of BayShore School and requests records be forwarded to a new school will be subject to covering shipping and handling charges if the records to be sent weigh over  13 oz.  Any package over 13 oz. requires a trip to the post office, and in some cases a considerable amount of postage (such as students with IEPs that generate exceptionally large amounts of paper).  This cost will vary, depending on the weight of the package, whether a special mailing box/envelope must be purchased, and a flat fee for handling.  Upon receipt of a records request (either from a new school or from the parent), BayShore School will respond to the enrolled family with an email stating whether or not such a fee will be levied, and if so, the amount due and payment instructions.